Event at your meeting room
Ladies group at your church!
Ladies teas – make your own teapot from clay (only available at your home – on your outdoor deck – or at Zanzibar Cafe – Coffee House which has an outdoor patio.
Family fun at your home!
Children’s ceramics painting parties
Bridal Showers
Bridal Showers
"Frozen" fun!
Painting parties for children – we even do face painting!
Couples groups – it only takes 3 couples to make a party but the more the merrier!
Drawing party – don’t want to paint or like the control of pastel in your hand? We’ll draw with you on oversize specialty paper instead!
We’ll even do “paint your pet” events offsite – we just need at least 6 people, and for you to send your pet photos to us in advance, plus add $5 per person to the group/party price to cover the cost of preparing/pre-sketching each individual’s canvas with your own pet in advance.
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Want to build pottery from “scratch?” We have clay hand-building parties! It’s a little extra ($7.50 per person more) due to the long process involved on our end, but what a cool experience for your peeps!  Only available at your home (we recommend an outside patio), or at Zanzibar Cafe – Coffee House on their outdoor deck because it is very messy!
Watercolor pARTy at your home or gathering place, or one of our coffee houses also available.

Pricing and Options:

Children’s Parties:

Acrylic Painting

  • supplies, set-up and instruction for up to 10 children (ages 6 – 18) – $199 with each additional child $17 each
  • choose the painting sample you’d like for your child and friends to create at the party HERE

Ceramics Painting

  • supplies, setup, instruction and firing of pottery for up to 10 children (ages 4 – 18) – $199 with each additional child $17 each
  • HERE are some of the ceramics available – specialty pieces available upon request.  Allow 2 weeks for us to get them in 🙂

Watercolor Painting

  • supplies, set-up and instruction for up to10 children (ages 5 – 18) – $179 with each additional $15 each

Pastel Drawing

  • supplies, set-up and instruction for up to 10 children (ages 8 – 18) – $179 with each additional $15 each

Pottery-making (hand building with clay)

  • supplies, set-up, instruction plus two firings (bisque firing and glaze firing) for up to 10 children  – $249 with each additional child $20 each 


Adult Parties:

Acrylic Painting

  • includes supplies, set-up and instruction per person
  • 6-9 people – $29 each plus tax
  • 10-19 people – $25 each plus tax
  • 20-29 people – $22.50 each plus tax 
  • 30 + people – $19 each plus tax
  • select the painting you’d like to do for your party HERE.
  • please note – for small groups (6-9 people) if you pay your deposit and expect 6 people but only 4 show up, payment at the time of the party will be requested for 6 people; it is our minimum. .

Ceramics Painting

  • includes supplies, setup, limited instruction and firing of pottery
  • 6-9 people – $29 each plus tax
  • 10-19 people – $25 each plus tax
  • 20-29 people – $22.50 each plus tax 
  • 30 + people – $19 each plus tax
  • Select your ceramics HERE.  We will take your pieces, fire them, and we will deliver them back to your location for free within our 10-mile radius (or charge the $3/mile above.)  The pieces will be ready for pick up or delivery about 1-2 weeks after your party.

Watercolor Painting

  • supplies, set-up and instruction for up to10 adults (ages 18 up) – $179 with each additional $15 each

Pastel Drawing

  • supplies, set-up and instruction for up to 10 adults (ages 18 up) – $179 with each additional $15 each


  • supplies, set-up, instruction plus two firings (bisque firing and glaze firing) for up to 10 adults  – $249 with each additional $20 each.  We will take your pieces, fire them, and we will deliver them back to your location for free within our 20-mile radius or make arrangements to meet you somewhere.  The pieces will be ready for pick up or delivery about 1-2 weeks after your party.


Party FAQs:

Q. When do you schedule parties? A.  We can schedule a party whenever it works for both of us.  Shoot Laura a quick text (407)416-2594 or call, to see if we’re available on the date, time, and location you have in mind!

Q. Where do you do parties?  A. We have two locations for parties: 1.  Zanzibar Cafe – Coffee House off of Ronald Reagan and 434 in Longwood, FL and  2.  Brownerie Cafe – Coffee House in Winter Park, FL off of Morse and 17/92.  We also do parties at your office, church hall, work place and even do home parties, which often works well for many parents of small children or tweens who are having sleep overs!

Q. Do I have to buy my food or cakes from Zanzibar or Brownierie Cafe?  A. If you are planning to have food, yes.  They both have delicious sweets!  Their coffee is delectable as well!  They are gracious to let us use their facility for parties, so if you’re going to have food, enjoy their delicious treats!  You won’t be disappointed!

Zanzibar Coffee House

315 N Ronald Reagan Blvd

Brownierie Cafe – Coffee House

Q. Do i need to provide tables? A. Most folks have tables and chairs, but for smaller “home” parties we can provide two to four 6-foot folding tables for your guests if you need them. For larger than 10-person parties, we hope the facility you’ve chosen will hold that many people and have plenty of tables and chairs, but if you need extras, we do have them available as per above.

Q.  Do I need to provide table covers? A. Probably a good idea. (We do have some rectangular plastic table cloths and floor tarps available upon request.)  We take care to respect your home, office, church or other facility and will do all we can to keep things tidy, however,  it will protect your tables and will add charm to your ambiance to have your tables nicely covered!

Q. When doing a home party, where is the best place to set up? A.  If you have a kitchen table, dining room table, pool deck, screened porch, or a bonus room, these seem to be the best places to set people up for a home party. Q.  What if the lighting is bad in my home? A. We do have “daylight” table lamps we like to bring to your home help your guests see better.  They sit on the tables and we simply need access to electrical outlets and or extension cords. If it is at your office, church or other facility, chances are the overhead lighting is adequate.

Q.  How long does a painting party take? A. It usually takes about 2 hours for adults and about 1 hour to 1.5 hours for kids, depending on the age of the child.

Q.  How far do you travel? A. We will travel within a 20-mile radius of the studio.  Anything further than that, we charge $3 per mile for the extra distance traveled.

Q. Do you do pottery-making parties, where we make pottery from “scratch?” A. Yes, we also do hand-building with our kiln-fire clay for our “to-go” pottery parties so you can build something unique with your own hands.  We have many ideas to choose from including mugs, bowls, tea lights, wax burners, etc. This service costs a little more above our regular party rate as pottery-making is a process. You & your guests will be able to put a colored underglaze on your damp clay at the time of your party (great for kids or beginner adults who just want to sample this whole crazy pottery-making thing.  It is blast exploring of the joy of working with clay.  We fire your pieces twice, first for a bisque fire, then a clear glaze goes on for you and we will do a final glaze fire.  Your pieces will be ready for you and your guests in a box delivered to you about 4 weeks after your party.

Q.  Do you custom-design paintings for our group?  If so how much does it cost? A.  YES!  We are happy to custom design a painting or project for your group!  It is free of charge.  Just send us your ideas either by text, call (407)416-2594 or email:

To see what we already have designed, see gallery

Q. Do I have to pay a deposit? A. Yes, we require a deposit of one person’s fee for adult parties, which is non-refundable but transferrable, to secure your date and time or $25 plus tax for children’s parties.

Q.  How do I pay my deposit? A. You can pay online by following the link in the sidebar.  You can also call (407)416-2594 and pay over the phone with a credit card.  If you prefer sending a check by mail you may also do so.

Q.  Do you do pet-portrait painting workshops to-go? A. Yes, we can do that for you;  however we charge $5 extra per person because you will send us a photo of your pet and Laura will draw it by hand for you onto the canvas for each person.  This is a little extra work on our end, but it really helps you get started, and you still have to paint it on your own!  When we do your session, we will go around and help everyone individually as they need help. Laura, your instructor, also does professional pet portraits.  It’s fun to paint your own, but if you think you might rather have her do one for you rather than paint one yourself, you can see her work and order info HERE.      

Information and Policies

  • deposit is one person’s fee paid at the time of booking for small parties (non-refundable but transferrable); for larger parties or parties where there will be a single payment for all guests or for businesses who will be invoiced, a minimum deposit is $100 (non-refundable but transferrable.)
  • cost includes for painting: set up, easels, canvases, pre-sketching of canvases if desired, custom designs, brushes, paints, water bowls, (table covers & floor covers upon request,) and step-by-step instruction
  • cost includes for ceramics/pottery painting: set up, one piece of pottery for each guest to paint, paints, glazes, glaze firing, and free delivery of your pieces back to your location (within 20 miles; every mile beyond 20, there will be a $3/mile charge)
  • cost includes for hand-building with clay: set up, one “brick” of clay, use of tools, slip, underglazes, two firings (bisque and glaze), table covers, floor tarps, step by step instruction, free delivery of pieces back to your location (within 20 miles; every mile beyond, there will be a $3 per mile charge.) Note: hand building parties are a little more than our other parties due to the two firings involved.

In order to help us serve you better, If you would like to book a HOME party (only – all others need not fill this out_, please take a moment to fill out the INFO sheet below by copying and pasting into the body of an email and return to us at or text to (407)416-2594.  Deposit will be due upon agreement of a party date that works for both of us and will secure your date and time! Coffee and Canvas “TO-GO!” Name of hostess:________________________________________ Cell phone ( _____) ______-_______ Email:_________________________@_________________________ Day-Date and Time of Party:____________- ____/____/____ at _____o’clock am/pm Location/Address of Party: _________________________________________

  1. I have read the information FAQs and policies.  __________ yes _________no
  2. I have tables available for the number of guests I am inviting.     _________ yes         __________ no, I will need Coffee and Canvas to bring _____ # of folding tables and ______# folding chairs (to accommodate approximately ______# of guests I anticipate coming) for $10 per 6-foot table and $1 per folding chair.
  3. Please confirm with Laura by texting or calling (407)416-2594 at least 2 days before my party to confirm attendance and project choice.
  4. The space where we will be doing the party will be (please briefly describe): ________________________________________________________________ (example: dining room, patio, pool deck, outdoor lanai, clubhouse, a conference room, lobby, church, etc.)
  5. The lighting is __________bright   __________dim  (note: overheadceiling light above dining table, scattered floor lamps, patio daylight, a patio at night can be dim so we need to know if we: _______ will   ________ will not   need extra lighting (no extra charge for lighting.) Please let us know if we need to bring lighting and extension cords. Is there anywhere to plug them in?) 
  6. I understand Coffee and Canvas will arrive at the agreed-upon time of your party and set up will take about 15-30 mins (for large parties.) Please allow 2 hours for the instruction/painting part of your party and then approximately 15-20 mins to clean up, so we will be there for a total of 3 hours.  If your guests are not finished in a timely manner, however, after the 2-hour paint time, they can keep their paint palettes and tweak their painting for as long as they like, even if we are not there, if it’s okay with you!
  7. I understand the mileage radius that is free includes a 20-mile range from the studio.  Beyond 20 miles there will be an extra $3/mile fee.(For example, your gathering is 25 miles from studio, we would charge an extra $3×5=$15.
  8. The total mileage from the studio at 260 Spring Run Circle, Longwood FL 32779 to the party location according to google maps is:  __________ miles so I will (circle one)  owe     /   not owe   an additional $_____.

Thank you so much for your time. It will help us clarify anything that might come up and help your home party be a colorful and creative success!  We can’t wait to partner with you for your event!  Don’t hesitate to ask any questions!  We are so excited! Signed__________________________________  Date: ______________________ (facilitator/organizer)