Our Summer Camps are always so much fun!! Remember, they are at my home studio this year, 260 Spring Run Circle, Longwood FL 32779, in the Springs Subdivision just west of I-4 on 434.  Please click on the link to print the document and fill out the registration form!  You may mail form with a check or follow link to register and pay online and simply bring registration form the first day of camp:

To download the registration form: Summer Camp 2017

To register and pay your deposit (or in full) online: http://mkt.com/coffeeandcanvas/summer-camp

10:00am-2:30pm   Monday – Friday 



#1:  May 30 – June 2   “Around the World in 80/20 Days” –  “Short” camp begins the day after Memorial Day, pro-rated as a 4-day camp ($157.60 plus tax.)  We’re on an adventure around the world in 80/20=4 days!  Let’s document our trip with drawings, paintings, and sculptures! From London, our first stop is Paris!  Painting the Eiffel Tower and visiting the Louvre will be so fun!.  Next stop India where we’ll ride a colorfully painted elephant & create a clay elephant bowl! Onward to Hong Kong, where we’ll paint a colorful Chinese dragon watercolor and craft an adorable giant panda bear!  Our last stop is Japan where the cherry blossoms are in bloom simply call to be painted!  Adventure awaits us during our 4-day trip around the world!  SO SORRY – THIS CAMP IS FULL

#2:  June 5 – June 9   “Rainforest in Rio!” – Colorful birds like macaws, toucans, lush green plants, dancing waterfalls, tropical flowers found in the rainforest are a feast for the eyes!  Did you know the sloth makes its home along the Amazon in Rio?  Even the bright red with black polka-dotted poison dart frog!  Probably some of the best-loved artwork your child will create will come from this camp!  Back by popular demand though projects will be varied from past years!

#3:  June 12 – June 16 “Star Wars Returns!” – Our intergalactic journey continues!  If you missed it last year, you’ve got to come this year!  Or, if you came last year, the journey continues as we draw, paint, and sculpt our favorite characters, amazing robots, K-2SO, the infamous storm troopers, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and/or your choice of characters!

#4: June 19 – June 23  “Disney Comes to Life!” – Let’s explore animation through the eyes of Mr. Walt Disney!  We’ll practice drawing animations and do some cartooning in the mornings but besides cartooning, our afternoons will be filled with fun!  We may paint a colorful ‘floating lantern’ canvas from Tangled/Rapunzel,  make “Chip” the cup from our kiln-fire clay, craft a mermaid or King Neptune from paper mache’; create a mirror-mirror-on-the wall, etc, as just a few of the examples of the fun projects we’ll experience during the week, besides drawing, animating and cartooning!

#5: June 26-June 30  “Wild at Heart!” – If you love animals, this camp’s for you!  We will not only draw, paint, and sculpt wild animals, but learn a little about the amazing character traits & facts of each of the animals too!  For example, as we learn to draw and paint a zebra, we’ll explore that when zebras are grouped together, their stripes make it hard for a lion or leopard to pick out one zebra to chase. Different zebra species have different types of stripes, from narrow to wide. In fact, the further south you travel on the African plains, the farther apart the stripes on the zebras get! Zebras communicate with facial expressions and sounds.  We’ll draw, paint, and sculpt many animals from nature, exploring their character traits and having fun relating to each one! Colored pencils, acrylics on canvas, oil pastels, watercolor and clay will be some of the mediums we will use!

#6:  July 10 – July 14  “The Magical World of Harry Potter!” – For the Harry Potter fan, we will have fun creating projects that bring our imaginations to life!  We’ll paint an impressionistic “Starry Night” Harry Potter style, with Hogwarts castle surrounded by swirls of “stars.” design our own Hedwig from clay, learn to draw some of the Harry Potter characters, create our own watercolor illustrations of the Harry Pottery universe from our imaginations, etc! Projects will be in all kinds of medium including but not limited to painting on canvas, watercolor pen and ink, kiln-fire clay pieces, pastels, and printmaking all geared around the magical world of Harry Potter!

#7:  July 17 – July 21  “Painting with the Impressionists”  Introducing great artwork to your child is a fantastic way to help them grow in their art skills.  Dancing lights and shadows, the magnificent work of Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Degas and Cassatt will be explored. Besides painting with the impressionists in 2D, we will create 3D works of art, like, Monet’s waterlily-flower jars from clay and some Cezanne inspired paper-mache’ fruit!  Your child will have a gallery of impressionist-inspired paintings and 3D projects to take home and learn about art history as well some great painting skills!

#8:  July 24 – July 28 “Fashion Illustration” – Calling all budding designers!  In this fun camp we will explore the world of fashion design as we learn to draw the figure, explore fabric and color, make super-cool accessories like a kiln-fired clay pendant & beads, and even design/hand paint their own street shoes (please bring a pair of canvas shoes to paint on Thursday July 27.) We’ll draw, paint, and sculpt our way through the world of fashion.


To register and pay your deposit or in full online:http://mkt.com/coffeeandcanvas/summer-camp


Bring a sack lunch and come join the fun!  Usually our schedule consists of:

10:00am – 10:10am  gather and brain storm for our first project

10:10am – 11:45am  drawing and painting in various media (acrylic on canvas, watercolor, pen and ink, mixed media, pastel, etc.)

11:45am – 12:30pm  lunch and recess at the springs park (walking distance)

12:30pm – 2:00pm   ceramics, 3D sculpture or other project (printmaking, mosaic, collage)

2:00-2:30 finish up any projects, free draw, games, centers, and creative fun time!

$197+tax for one week  – $40 plus tax deposit to hold your space = $157 plus tax due first day of camp 

or $177.30 plus tax for one week if you pay in full by May 1 (includes deposit)

10% sibling discount or for second camp 

Brought to you by:  Laura Bird Miller, LLC

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Summer Camp 2016 Registration Form

Camp: #______        “___________________________________”

Please complete and return with your registration and materials fee of $40+tax=$42.80 to secure your space. $42.80 fee is non-refundable but it is transferrable. Make check payable to “Coffee and Canvas,” and mail to 260 Spring Run Circle, Longwood, FL 32779. Payments may also be made via credit card online at http://mkt.com/coffeeandcanvas/summer-camp, over the phone or in person at the studio.  Please write legibly below, especially your email address.  Thank you!

Student Name: ______________________________ Gender: _____ Age: ____ Birth Date:___/___/_____

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Medical Release: I, ____________________ agree to allow my child, _____________________ to receive medical treatment, should the need arise. I also give my permission for my child to be transported to the nearest hospital in the event of medical emergency. As parent and/or guardian of the above named child, I promise to hold Laura Bird Miller, LLC, harmless from any liabilities it may incur from the above named minor in connection with participation in art classes except as might arise because of negligence on the part of Laura Bird Miller, LLC. I understand and agree to abide by the Registration Policies established regarding attendance times, absences, refunds, credits for tuition and behavioral expectations. I will sign my child in/out on a daily basis.

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Signature of Parent/Guardian                        Relationship to Child                                            Date

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DEPOSIT: $40 plus tax= $42.80  (remainder  $167.99)

Date Paid ______________

PAYMENT IN FULL (includes deposit) before May 1: $177.30 plus 7% tax= $189.71             Date Paid ______________

BALANCE due 1st day of camp $157 plus $10.99 tax=$167.99                                                         Date Paid_______________

2nd camp/sibling – $177.30 plus 7% tax= $189.71              

Date Paid _____________ 

PAYMENT IN FULL  (includes deposit) after May 1 – $197 plus 7% tax= $210.79                           Date Paid____________